Black Friday Weekend

Good morning everyone and welcome to this week's Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Todays blog is about the offers, deals and discounts I have got on over this Black Friday weekend.

From Friday 26th November through to Monday 29th November I have several different items available for you to purchase.

Over the course of the weekend directly use code: Blackfriday10 to received 10% off of anything on the website whether it's T-shirts, Hoodies, Coaching, Website Build or Logo Creations.

In addition to the 10% Discount I also have lots of bundles and my Gift In A Bag ranges available as well.

So find below as list of all the other offers available until Midnight on Monday the 29th when the prices will go up. So why not take advantage this week and weekend of these following offers.


Big Bauble Range

Rainbow Range

Gift In A Bag

Maria's Books

See below for more information on all these offers.

Big Bauble Range:

T-shirt and a Hoodie - £38

Any 2 t-shirts in the range - £20

Any 2 hoodies in the range - £50

Gift In A Bag:

Kids Bundle (Polar Express): T-shirt, Hoodie, Sweet Bag, selection of stocking filler toys and games - £30

Harry Potter: T-shirt, Hoodie, sweet bag, Mug - £40

Home Alone: T-shirt, Hoodie, sweet bag, Mug - £40

Books: All 3 books in Smashing Through trilogy, Sweet Bag and Mug - £45

Maria's Books:

Any book - £15

2 Books - £25

All 3 books: £40

Whatever you decide to give as the perfect gift this Christmas I can help you to provide that special different gift.

If you'd like any different designs within my Gift In A Bag range please do connect with myself and I can tailor the designs to your needs.

Have an awesome week and I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Enjoy and have fun and I look forward to hearing from you regarding your requirements.

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