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Good morning everyone and welcome to my next edition of Maria's Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Normally within my blogs I talk about all things IT but this week I'm going to talk to you about my latest range.

Do you want to give gifts this year that has meaning, that can uplift and make people feel confident?

Do you want the gift that you look at and think of that person straight away?

Well thats what I aim to do within Little Ruby's Treats is to provide items that can uplift, make you feel more confident and boost how the person feels when wearing certain items. My why is massive as I know growing up being a big girl that others aren't always nice and it does get in your head and it can make you reassess what you wear.

So for me I wanted to create a business with something I love doing mixed in with helping people to feel confident and empowered in what they wear. And that for me is massive and my why.

On Monday myself and Kenny (MSK) launched our Limited Edition Christmas Tops.


So with the launch of our limited edition Christmas Range of t shirts and hoodies. This range expands on the existing Rainbow Range which was launched in September.

The idea behind the range is to make sure everyone can feel included in what there wearing to help them feel more confident and empowered. Do you want this for yourself and your nearest and dearest? Then why not take a look at the range we have created and see if you can find that special gift this Christmas. Here are a few pictures of our new Big Baubles Range.

Ding Dong:

Santa's Favourite Ho:

Camp As Christmas:

These 3 tops conclude our Limited Edition Range and are available to buy on the shop right now.

As you can see these are another set of amazing and empowering tops for the LGBTQ community and for anyone who like myself supports them and sees them exactly the same as myself.

I hope this helps you to understand why I do things a bit differently and look for gaps in the market to help empower people and make them feel more confident.

I'm always open to new collaborations with other people who have something to stand up for and fight for and I'm happy to join you on that journey and help you provide your own clothing range to give out the same message.

Let's make sure noone feels left out and everyone can be themselves. Have an awesome day whatever your doing.

And I'll be back next week with a what's coming on Black Friday blog. See you next week for Maria's next Midweek Wednesday Blog.

Maria x

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