Being Strong

At 2 years of age I got the diagnosis that my son had a type of cerebral palsy called spastic diplegia.

Hearing those words cut through my like a knife as thoughts started racing through my mind as to what his life would be like.

Armed with researching this type of cerebral palsy so that I can make his life as comfortable as possible. I grabbed my laptop and began.

Spastic diplegia (or diparesis) is a subtype of spastic cerebral palsy in which the legs are the most affected limbs. People with spastic diplegia often have a “scissor walk,” characterized by the knees turning inward/crossing. This is due to tightness in the hip and leg muscles. (From the internet)

After reading the definition I realised that he would just need a little more help in walking and running as his balance is not like a normal child.

My son at 11 is so passionate about football so as his mum I’ve started researching again on how can I open my own cerebral palsy football team. I just want to show him how much I support and cherish him. He never gives up, his persistence and strength is what keeps me going.

When I’m having bad days I look at him and I remind myself I’ve got this and to keep it at.

Karlene Jordan


Mum of 5, NHS worker, professional network marketer and published international author.







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