Behind The Scenes - Running Business During Summer Holidays

Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. I hope you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the next week.

This weeks blog is going to be about running a business during the summer holidays and having younger kids at home.

As parents/carers/guardians we all prob get a small panic on when it comes to the summer holidays on how we are going to continue running our Businesses, dealing with the children home and making sure they are kept occupied etc.

Fear not i'm here to explain to you on how i plan, prepare and how i still manage everything during the summer holidays being a single parent with a 5 year old.

First thing i always do is make sure which ever room in the house i'm on i have a notepad to hand to write down anything that pop into my head or any phone calls or messages i get regarding business to make sure i don't forget anyone of anything. For me i spend most of my time either in my office, kitchen or my bedroom so for me i have notepads in each of these rooms plus a floating notepad to take outside with me if i'm playing with my daughter outside.

Secondly around 2 to 3 weeks before she is due to break up from school i sit and plan out exactly what work needs to be done during the holidays, so for example Social Media posts, blogs, emails etc and then work out how many of each i need to cover the 2 weeks leading up to the 6 weeks holiday and a week after they go back to give myself a week to get back into normal school day routines. With this information i make a 3/2 week to do list of the items i can plan and write in advanced to make life so much easier, especially if you have set times and days you normally send out posts, blogs etc.

Armed with this big to do list i then go through and sort out what needs to be first and which is a priority of things to do. Armed with this i then make a start on ploughing through the list, scheduling in blogs, posts, writing up emails ready to send, sorting out summer offers and deals. I then take a look at my planner and set days to sit and complete one task a day so i don't get overwhelmed with how much i have to plan and prepare ready for the summer holidays.

With my planner with me i then set day/s to do things so i will sit and write all my blogs over 2 or 3 days, sit and do all offers,deals and competitions over 1 day, create any images required for anything on another day, by know i'm sure you get the gist of it and how i schedule it all in.

If i have any customer orders i then spend the evenings once my daughter is in bed sorting out and looking through customers orders that i need to do and get completed and sent out. Generally when my daughter is at school unless i have to i don't tend to do much work in the evenings as i use from 3pm to spend time with her and then the evenings to myself to have some well deserved me time and creative brain is allowed to flow without worrying about anything else.

By doing things this way for the 2 weeks leading up to the start of the summer holidays it gives me a good place to start as i know everything that is done weekly or daily is taken care of and i don't have to worry about finding the time during the day to fit everything in and taking me away from my daughter too much.. This may give me a few weeks of being absolutely crazy but its well worth the extra hours to free up a lot more time to spend with my making memories with my daughter.

So how does a typical day in the summer holidays look to me now?

For me the summer holidays is all about not having to worry about time and just enjoying the extra time with my daughter doing different things. For me i'm lucky my daughter loves being out in the garden from when she gets up to when she goes to bed. So for us as long as its dry we're normally outside a lot of the time playing games, going in the pool, going out to the beech or visiting parks etc. When this is going on i don't have to worry about posts or blogs or whatever as i know there all programmed in to go out straight away. The only thing i have to do is keep an eye on messages or phone calls coming in for customer orders etc, which is a lot less time consuming as you can answer the message or call make a note of it in my notepad and then carry on with my day with her.

In the evenings once she is in bed in when i will jump on the computer or laptop and get some additional work done or start orders that have come in and ill work from 8pm until 10 or 11pm depending what needs to be done, then give myself an hour or 2 to have some me time before sleeping and starting again the following day.

Throughout the course of the day if i do need to do any work directly that needs to be done during the day i prep my daughter i have work to do and will either take the laptop outside so she can continue to play or we go upstairs to my office and i set her up with activities sat next to me so like drawing, practicing her hand writing or reading and she'll sit and do this next to me and ask me questions about what i'm doing so i bring her into my working world so she can see what i'm doing and how i do things.

She loves being a part of my business and helping me where she can. She loves picking vinyl so i will always print one extra of whatever i'm doing and give it to her to sit and pick and that way she feels like shes helping with a customer order as well, although she isn't actually doing it for the order it makes her feel included and this in itself helps her to be ok with the odd days that mummy does have to work.

So my advice for any person running there own business during the summer holidays that does have a child home is to make sure your planned in advanced, bringing your children into the business where you can and just move your days round slightly. You don't need to get overwhelmed and start worrying, if you have timescales on your business extend it by 7 days just during the summer holidays so you're not putting extra pressure on yourself where it's not needed.

Most of all enjoy the time you have with your children as when they get older yu'll never see them so make the most of it whilst you can.

Have an amazing summer holidays and feel free to use any of my hints and tips and how i change my business around the holidays.

I'll be back next week with my next Midweek Wednesday blog.

Always remember you're stronger than you believe


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