Becoming The Healthiest Version Of You

This year everybody wants to change, change mindset, nutrition, skincare, life and what not to make the best of things opening back up. Some others of you might not want to change but want to get better, and that's what I'm here for.

This is your guide to becoming the healthiest version of yourself:


Now this is where some people struggle. You don't need to be the fittest however exercise holds a huge proportion of health, making sure your lungs are refreshed, skin is elasticated, body fat decreases and lots and lots of muscle growth. Many things can help you get in the swing of fitness, and in no way shape or form am I asking you to go on a 5 mile run every morning.

But simple things like yoga, stretches, at home workouts. There are many videos on YouTube for beginner levels that range up to intense workouts that you can do from your home, fun things like dancing, jump rope, hiking. Nothing too intense and things you can do at your own pace.

Fitness is not only good for your body but is great for your mind. I encourage you to push yourselves to be able to feel the freshness after the gym, your mind will feel so much stronger and you will be so proud of yourself. But not only that, being consistent and keeping the dedication, making your body work for the better even when you aren't in the mood.


Creating a fun and beneficial morning routine. Start by waking up early or at a certain time which makes you feel rested, after 8-9 hours sleep is usually enough. Opening curtains/blinds making the light get in, especially with summer over the way the sunrise is beautiful so let that light in ya room!

Taking time to make your bed, clean up from the previous nights, wash dishes get some chores off your shoulders so you can enjoy the day. Listen to music, dance around plan an outfit for the day, read, relax outside. Do whatever you feel is necessary to have a fun, productive morning.


The real commitment comes from your food. What you fuel your body and mind with, no not energy drinks and sugar as "fuel". Food is energy, it is important to have the right energy and it will only benefit your more. Having fruit over an energy drink is wayyyyy more beneficial, and you must be sat there like "I know" but to your surprise no one actually makes the change.

The best technique you can do is fall in love with cooking, looking at food, what you fancy, keeping the plate colourful, getting yourself excited for what you're about to eat - the whole shabam!

Changing your food does not mean to eat less, eat more or be on some ridiculous diet. Home cooked food, fresh food, actually taking the time to cook and try out new recipes is something you can learn to like. Getting family or friends involved in a little challenge, who can have the most colours on your dinner plate, have 2 meals with loads of veggies and see who can go the longest, who can make the healthiest nicest food.