Ages in Children - Are Just a Guideline

Good morning everyone and welcome to my midweek Wednesday blog. I hope your all having an amazing week.

Today I'm going to talk about how children develop at difference levels and how the "Appropriate Age Range Activities May Not Work"

Being a first time mum and a single mum things can always look a bit daunting when you see things "your child should be doing this and that"

Each child develops at a different rate and speed, they can also be more of a hand son child or a sit and read child.

My daughter for example won't sit and watch a whole film on the TV likewise it's very rare I can get her to watch Disney films as she prefers real people and not characters.

For example:

She will watch.... Matilda, BFG, Dennis the Menace, Harry Potter.

but she won't sit and watch..... :Lion King, Dumbo, Little Mermaid, Sharks Tale or other films like this.

So she is different to a friend of hers who will sit and watch these films easily.

Another prime example if she's outside playing and exploring she can do this for hours on end, if however we have a wet day she isn't able to sit and focus on much else for that length of time. So if she's sat drawing she'll get bored and start doing one set of lines on a piece of paper, however a peer would be able to sit there longer messing around.

One thing I learnt quiet early on with my daughter is that she needs to be high stimulated at all times. Which when your a single mum and business owner is not an easy task to keep her occupied for long periods to enable me to concentrate and work.

So if you were to look at a chart of things she should be able to do at 4 years old there's things she can do but also things she cant do. but in the next bracket up she can do more again.

For Example:

3 to 4 Years old Should be able to...: (development milestone used from

  • Able to take turns in games and show affection to their friends.

  • They have a better understandin