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Good morning everyone and welcome to this weeks Midweek Wednesday blog. I hope you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the next week.

This weeks blog is going to be about my BRAND NEW AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIP DEAL i have managed to secure for me and my business for the next 2 years.

Little Ruby's Treats has joined with W1G in a partnership for 2 years with advertising affiliation at Clyne Golf Course based here in Swansea.

I was approached by email to ask i'f i would be interested in a 2 year partnership deal with the advertising at Clyne Golf Course. Initially when i received the email i didn't believe it was true, little old me over here as a fairly new business being approached for this kind of deal.

You know that feeling you get that feeling if something seems to good it normally is to good to be true. Well for me that is normally the case but i done my research and sent an email reply for more information and how wrong was i to be skeptical it was an amazing deal and offer and i snapped there hands off and agreed to this partnership deal for 2 years.

This deal is an amazing way to get myself and the business out there a lot more. I will have opportunities to go to networking events, offer some amazing prizes for competitions and game events as well. All will be revealed in the future when i get the competitions up and running and organised.

My advice to any business owner always check out whether an offer is legit and check it out, its worth a conversation and a good look into at least as you never know what can potentially come to you.

Go for anything you feel will help to benefit and support your business, don't let your confidence knock you back and get in your own head about it. Just go for it and enjoy the process.

Going forward you start to see some of these amazing prizes come to light.

I'll be back with the next installment of Maria's Midweek Wednesday blog next week.

Have an amazing week what ever you are doing, going for it and just trust the process.

Always remember you are stronger than you believe

Maria xxx

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