About Us

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We are a small independent business offering Printing Services, Document Printing, IT Expertise items including Website Builds, Logo Creations, Revamps, Coaching and also my weekly Blog, all for a variety of occasions. Our product range will continue to grow as our business grows.

All our products can be personalised or one of our generic designs depending on your requirements.

I launched Little Ruby's Treats in 2021 with hopes and dreams that the business will grow steadily and become the company I envision it to be.


I strive to offer a professional, friendly service and hope I will become your new favourite go to place for all your treats and gifts.

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CEO of Little Ruby's Treats


I am positive woman who is a single mum to her daughter Ruby-Leigh. I came up with the idea of Little Ruby's Treats a couple of years ago and started the process of planning, researching and building the business.

I have now launched the business and I'm hoping it will become the success I have dreamed of for this adventure.

I'm a #1 International Best Selling Author with an inspirational true events chapter in a book called "Smashing Through The Brick Wall"  which is out for sale now. 

I have written the chapter to hopefully inspire more people to get out there and achieve their dreams and ambitions, although I do have other things in the pipeline as well so keep looking back to see what else I add to this site and also what else I achieve.

In October 2021 I also wrote a Chapter in the book Smashing Through The Stop Sign of Life. Which again as above with the 1st book also made in to an International Best Seller as well which makes me a 2 * International Best Selling Author. 

Always remember you're stronger than you believe